1974 - October 27, Canada: The First International Conference of Indigenous Peoples

After a long planning period, over two-hundred Indigenous delegates from North and South America, Europe, and the Pacific are hosted in the Tseshalt Reserve on Vancouver Island.

In a show of astounding commitment and care, members of the Tseshalt reserve host, feed, and care for the two-hundred Indigenous delegates.

Many delegates are members of pre-existing Indigenous organizations, including Canada’s National Indian Brotherhood, the National Congress of American Indians, Greenlanders Association, Nordic Saami Council, Maori Council of New Zealand, Minka’a of Bolivia, Unidad Indígena de Colombia (Indigenous Unity of Colombia), Centro Indigena of Guatemala (Indigenous Center of Guatemala), Federación Ecuatoriana de Indios of Ecuador (Ecuatorian Federation of Indians from Ecuador), Asociacion Indigena de la República of Argentina (Indigenous Association of the Republic of Argentina), and the Confederación Nacional Agraria of Peru (National Agrarian Confederation of Peru).

Delegates from Mainland Asia are invited but are unable to attend.

Image source: Ha-Shilth-Sa