1975 - June 1, Canada: First all Indigenous-led trip to People’s Republic of China

The trip is an important opportunity for the delegates to learn about socialist China and apply self-determination and national liberation lessons to Canada’s Red Power Movement.

The trip to China is sponsored and paid for by the Chinese government, with airfare of roughly $14,000 CAD (now worth approximately $73,000 CAD) covered by the delegation through donations and personal contributions.

In China, delegates visit Shihchiachuang, the burial place of Norman Bethune, a Canadian doctor who served the Red Army during the revolution. Delegates also see the industrial city of Wuhan, the southern city of Canton, Hohhot, and the Minority Institute of Beijing.

At the Minority Insitute, delegation members learn how Mao-era China is treating and supporting minority groups in China.

Image source: p. 3 of Nesika, March 1975.