1973 - Canada: NSG-led Native People’s Friendship Delegation established

Participation in the delegation involves a serious commitment as individuals have to agree to and enforce the following criteria:

  1. Every decision in the delegation and during the trip is to be made democratically.
  2. Every member must commit to learning from China.
  3.  Every member must express solidarity and friendship with the Chinese people.

This criterion reflects the groups’ anti-Imperialist motivations and leftist influences.

Final members included Lee Maracle (deceased), Joan Phillip, Ray Bobb, Ron Ignace, George Speck, Pauline Hanuse, Shirley Meldrum, Wayne Meldrum, Gordon Carter, Henry Jack (deceased), David Jack (deceased), David Hanuse (deceased), Chris Klyne, Angus Dickie, and Ed Moody.

Image source: p.6 of New Breed, October 1975.