Scott Harrison (Ph.D., History) is Senior Program Manager – Engaging Asia at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, a non-profit focused on Canada-Asia Pacific relations, and a Research Fellow at Simon Fraser University’s David Lam Centre. His research examines international Indigenous social and political history; Canada-Asia Pacific subnational business, policy, relations, and strategies; global Japan history, diplomacy, and politics; and Asia Cold War history.

Academic publications include, “Meiji Inspired Diplomacy and Politics for Japan’s Future” (2019); “Canadian Provinces and Foreign Policy in Asia” with C.L. Labrecque (2018); “The Cold War, the San Francisco System and Indigenous Peoples” (2015); “The Indigenous Ainu of Japan at the Time of the Åland Settlement” (2009); and The Indigenous Ainu of Japan and the Northern Territories Dispute (2008).

Non-academic publications have looked at Indigenous international business, sister/twining relationships, trade missions, contemporary Asia Pacific, sector-specific international business opportunities, and COVID-19 related issues and policies in the Asia Pacific.